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Capricho de cabra

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Ripened mixed curd cheese. Made with raw goat milk

Weight: 290 g

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Firm and buttery texture on the palate. Fine graininess. Elegant lactic acidity taste, with herbaceous and sweet cereal notes. A taste of mushroom mixed with caprine memories and a subtle spiciness that is accentuated by ripening.


  • Raw goat milk from our own livestock
  • Rennet
  • Lactic ferments
  • White moulds and salt


  • Bronze medal, World Cheese Awards 2014
  • Bronze Medal World Cheese Awards 2015-2016
  • Gold medal International Fair CapraEspaña 2015
  • National Cheese Master Contest MQ 2019
  • Silver Medal Lyon International Competition 2022

 GANADOR WORLD CHEESE AWARDS BRONZE 2015 / 2016   Concurso Internacional de Queso de Cabra CAPRAESPAÑA ORO 2015   Premio Nacional Maestro Quesero 2019 Concurso Internacional de LYON PLATA 2022

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